Review Friday; NBA 2K17

2K’s NBA 2K17 took the reigns as the leading basketball based video game in terms of purchases almost 4 years ago from EA’s NBA Live, which is absolutely rubbish. 2K have just done everything better; MyTeam beats out any fantasy team building game mode out there, including FIFA’s Ultimate Team. Gameplay soars above NBA Live’s poor physics and animations, I mean it’s not a basketball game if you can’t injure somebody with a vicious ankle breaker is it? And to top it all off, 2K’s MyCareer mode is one of the most innovating sport based story in gaming history. But NBA 2K17 definitely has its flaws, with slow servers and CPU teammate glitches, which cause quite a bit of anger from the games buyers. So without further ado, here’s my detailed review of NBA 2K17.

In terms of gameplay, 2K have done a fantastic job in creating a realistic yet addictive basketball game, second to no other sports game in my opinion, including EA’s FIFA franchise. With over 15,000 animations, NBA 2K17 has a realistic reaction to every move in the game, from player emotions after a bad call, to the filthy ankle breaking animations to prove just how cruel you can be at the hands of players like Kyrie Irving and former 76er Allen Iverson. At first glance, 2K’s gameplay seems flawless, and it is, until you try a full court pass, which will no doubt be fired into the stands. Oh maybe I’ll try a behind the back move, 2K says no, you’ve arrived at Destination Fucked it’s turnover time baby. Or maybe you’re defending another player, you’ve got it all under control, nah you’re teammate decides to run a double team with you, leaving his man wide open for a layup, thanks 2K. But aside from the full court pass, behind the back animations, and poor defensive rotation, 2K really have hit the nail on the head in terms of outstanding gameplay, allowing you to create your own jumpshot, choose your own dribble move from a wide variety of options, and posterize opposing players with that elusive Posterizer badge. They’ve also acknowledged the shooting ablity of players like Steph Curry, adding extended range to players who are known to shoot from way down town, and added a shot meter to layups so players like Kyrie and Isaiah Thomas can actually finish around the rim when timed right. But now players can’t just spam the right stick if they wish to do a signature size-up dribble, they now have to flick the right stick as if they were actually performing the dribble move, and players on the Park can’t spam Jamal Crawford’s behind the back dribble due to 2K17’s stamina meter for dribble moves. So the gameplays incredibly good, with a few kinks that need to be ironed out before NBA 2K18 is released.

In terms of gamemodes, 2K17’s MyTeam and MyCareer take the title in terms of most addictive and innovating gamemodes of any sports game. In MyTeam, you do exactly what it says on the tin; you create your own fantasy team, buy packs or boxes to upgrade your team, and play against other players online. The aim is to reach the Diamond League and become 2K champion. But 2K’s awful server issues cause a lot of crashes and force you to leave a game allowing, causing you to lose VC and waste contracts for your players. When the servers are looking good, I genuinely play MyTeam for hours on end, it really is an enjoyable gamemode. But the MyCareer mode is what makes NBA 2K17 the best sports game this year. 2K have created a story based career, where you create the biggest draft prospect in college known as Pres. But it;s up to you to live up to the hype you recieved as a college player when you move to the big leagues and join the NBA. 2K17 added the “Dynamic Duo” feature to the MyCreer mode with the addition of teammate Justice Young and the “Orange Juice” team of Young and Pres. Your play in-game will affect how well Justice plays, and vice versa. 2K also reintroduced the archtypes into NBA 2K17, so you create a specialty player, such as a slasher or sharpshooter, and build your legacy from there. And if you ever get bored of playing against the CPU, you can jump onto MyPark and play against players online in games like 3v3 and 21, earn your rep and become a Park Superstar. With hundreds of signature moves, the ability to create your own jumpshot, and build up your fortune by signing with famous brands such as Nike and Jordan. Hunt down over 50 badges to improve your abilities and become the greatest of all time. Apart from a few minor glitches, the MyCareer mode is basically flawless in terms of enjoyment and gameplay. And if you want to try something different, jump onto Play Now or Blacktop for some game-time with real players.

NBA 2K17 is one of the games I put a lot of time into, from building a superstar in MyCareer to building a super team in MyTeam, I really do enjoy playing this game for hours upon hours on end. And while 2K certainly has some problems to iron out with 2K17, such as the server issues and full court passes, 2K18 could really be the perfect game if these issues are fixed. If you enjoy basketball in any way, shape or form, definitely pick up a copy of NBA 2K17 and create your own legacy.

TheBloggingLeprechaun Rating; 7.5/10



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