NBA Discussion; What the Hell Happened Last Night? – 24th Jan 2017

Last night, Monday the 23rd, was one of the craziest nights I’ve ever seen in basketball. Not only did the three powerhouse teams in the NBA ( Warriors, Rockets and Cavs ) all lose in one night, they all lost to teams playing under .500 basketball, those teams being the Bucks, Pelicans and Heat. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing; the Rockets got blown out, but at least they played against a team which had a superstar playing, that being Giannis Antetokounmpo. But the Warriors lost to a struggling heat team, and the Cavs were getting blown out by a Pelicans team playing without Anthony Davis, until they fought back to only a 2 point loss. So what the hell happened last night in the NBA?

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been on a stretch of bad games lately, but this game against the Pelicans should have been a blow out victory for the reigning champs, even if they didn’t play their starters ( which they did ). But they didn’t blow out the Pelicans ( 18-27 ), in fact, they lost to the struggling Western Conference side, and were even getting blown out by them, up until the second half when Kyrie Irving stepped up for a monstrous 49 point game, which still wasn’t enough to get the Cavs back into it, even though it was combined with LeBron’s triple double. The Cavs just weren’t hustling, allowing Terrence Jones and Jrue Holiday to combine for 69 points. The Pelicans were getting wherever they wanted to, slashing to the basket and bullying the Cavs in the post, despite the fact that they were without their star player Anthony Davis. At one point, Jrue Holiday was given a free dunk in the half court setting, which shouldn’t happen on any team in the NBA, let alone the reigning champions of the league. One positive which can be taken away from the Cavs poor performance was Kyrie’s 49 points, a performance which prevented the Cavs from suffering an even further humiliation as he fought back, almost by himself in an almost Mamba like-fashion, to bring his struggling team to a 2 point loss.

The Golden State Warriors were in Miami last night for a game which was a lot closer than it should have been, considering Miami’s 15-30 season, as well as the Warriors talent and 7 game win streak, which came to an end last night against the 14th place Heat. Before I get into the game breakdown though, Zaza Pachulia got another flagrant foul after getting in a heated exchange with Luke Babbitt, ending in a blow to the face by Zaza; that man needs to calm down soon, he should know he’s not good enough to get an attitude. The Warriors didn’t play bad enough to lose the game, certainly putting in a better performance than the Cavaliers, although their 3PT % ( 8-30 ) and FT% ( 60% ) could have been a little better. No, the main factor in the Warriors loss was Dion Waiters, who put in a 33pt performance, including the game winning dagger over Klay Thompson, in one of the best games of his career. He clearly had the hot hand that night, and was a tough match-up for even Draymond Green when he chose to guard him. Steph Curry led the Warriors in rebounds with ten, and also had 8 assists and 11 points. Kevin Durant put up 27pts in a desperate attempt to bring his squad back into it, tying the game up in the final seconds, but was unable to snatch the lead as the Heat take the game by 3pts.

The Rockets went up against the Bucks for the second time in a week last night, this time in Milwaukee, hoping to notch another win against Giannis Antetokounmpo’s side. But the Bucks weren’t going to lay down and let the Rockets walk all over them again, putting up a well fought battle in their victory against James Harden’s side. They shot just under 60% in a 13pt victory against one of the tougher teams in the NBA. The Bucks took high percentage shots by going inside the paint, getting layups and dunks in order to keep their momentum going.. In the second quarter, they shot 80% from the field, which helped the push the Rockets back as they fought against the Bucks ( 21-23 ). All-Star starter Giannis Antetokounmpo put up 31pts in the Bucks’ victory, including several highlights from alley-oops and dunks. They went inside against the Rockets, which was the key to their win by exhausting the opposing team as they bullied them in the paint. James Harden put up 26pts as the Rockets fall in Milwaukee.

That’s my thoughts on last night’s crazy action in the NBA. Let me know what you thought down below. Follow my blog for more, and check out my NBA Discussions page for more posts on the NBA. Also, follow my Twitter to keep up with my daily shite-posting. Enjoy your day!


2 thoughts on “NBA Discussion; What the Hell Happened Last Night? – 24th Jan 2017

  1. Milwaukee doesn’t strike me as a consistently dominant team yet, but they’ll give the top teams a scare. With the development of Giannis and a few more 3 point shooters, they’ll be dangerous in the next couple of years.

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