NBA Discussion; A Night For Big Games – 29th Jan 2017

Last night, 28th January, saw a crazy night for big games, with five players in a seven game night boasting over 30 points. In a night filled with close games, buzzer-beaters, and huge games from star players, it was the first night this week that wasn’t drowned out by league drama; yes D Wade, Jimmy Buckets and Melo, I’m talking about you guys. It was a genuinely enjoyable night of basketball, I mean, my Rockets weren’t even playing last night but I still watched 3 games last night; Celtics and Bucks, Warriors and Clippers, and Kings and Hornets. I did my research though, and watched the rest of the big night games this morning, so I know what’s going on. So, let’s get into it.

Celtics vs. Bucks

Isaiah Thomas had a huge night in Milwaukee, showing the league and its fans that he should have been an All-Star Starter in the East. He boasted a huge 37 points in an overtime nail-biter, and threw in 8 assists too, including 2 highlight lobs, and was having his way; it didn’t  matter where he went; getting easy baskets inside, or stepping out to knock down 18 points from behind the line. IT also went 9-9 from the foul line. The Celtics were just able to hold onto the lead in overtime, winning the game by 4 points, after being up by 14 in the 3rd quarter, but a comeback led by Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jabari Parker saw the Bucks tie the game in the final seconds of the 4th quarter. In fact, the Bucks could have won the game in regulation time, after Greg Monroe stole the ball in the final seconds, only for it to be thrown out of bounds by Jabari, allowing the Celtics to take the game in OT. IT shot 6-11 from behind the line, and showed us that he’s prepared to put on a show come All-Star weekend. Eastern Starter Antetoumnpo put up a decent 21 points as the Bucks lose this one to the Celtics.

Kings vs. Hornets

Another close game from last night saw DeMarcus Cousins take off for 35 points in a nail-biter played in Charlotte, against Kemba Walker and the Hornets. Boogie was having his way inside, picking up 18 huge rebounds in the progress. I genuinely feel sympathy for players that have to matchup against this guy, because, judging from last night’s game, he’s unstoppable when he gets into the paint. Many times you would see the Hornets players just step out of the way when he has a full head of steam, rather than sending him to the foul line. He also showed off his new-found range last night, shooting 2-2 from behind the arc. Not only did Boogie have a huge game last night, he hit clutch free throws to win the game for the Kings, who took this one by 3. Kemba Walker had 26 points for the Hornets, showing why he deserves that spot on the All-Star team, despite his teams loss in this one.

Nets vs. Timberwolves

Karl Anthony-Towns showed the league that he was snubbed out of an All-Star spot, boasting a dominant 37 points, including 6 points from long range, proving that his ROTY award from last season still stands as he continues to lead the young Wolves squad. Towns was clearly feeling his jumpshot last night, hitting most of his points from the close/ mid-range area, and held 13 rebounds, 4 of which were offensive boards which led to 8 second chance points for the Rising Stars poster boy. He led the Wolves to a blowout win over the Brooklyn Nets, who were led by a 25 point performance by Brook Lopez ( he didn’t get put on a poster last night, don’t worry ). Despite the hard fighting from the Nets, the Wolves take this game easily, led by their young 3 of Towns, Wiggins and LaVine, who all scored over 20 points.

Nuggets vs. Suns

Eric Bledsoe had a huge night last night, putting up 41 points in the only game that saw a big night and a loss for the Suns, who failed to make a comeback against a Nuggets squad, led by Danilo Gallinari and his big 32 points. Bledsoe sought to tale over last nights game, racking up 8 assists and 6 rebounds for the little guy; but his poor shooting from the field (12-27) and the 3 (3-8) wasn’t good enough for the Suns in this one. Watching the game, you wouldn’t have noticed Bledsoe’s 41, a career high for the Kentucky Wildcat, as some might say he even had a ‘subtle’ night, despite putting up huge numbers. Whether it was subtle or dominant, it wasn’t enough for the Suns as they fail to get a W in this one.

Warriors vs. Clippers

The Golden State Warriors, no let me rephrase that; Stephen Curry man-handled the LA Clippers at Oracle Arena last night. The Clippers clearly struggled without star PG Chris Paul, as they failed to stop Steph Curry as he put up a monstrous 43 point game, shooting 9-15 from behind the arc. And these weren’t open 3’s either, no, these were Steph 3’s; 35 foot treys over the hands of the opposition, and a half court buzzer-beater which was scored in true Curry fashion. He was unstoppable last night, getting several and-1’s and generally just Steph being Steph. Now I don’t know why he’s allowing KD to lead the Warriors, considering he has the ability to do this on a nightly basis, but I do know that if Curry continues to put up numbers like this, the Warriors will dominate the league. They blew out the Clippers by 46 last night, 46 fucking points. That’s just ridiculous. The Clippers are considered a title competitor in the NBA, but they’ve shown that they really struggle without Chris Paul leading the way; so for they’re sake, let’s hope Paul isn’t out for much longer. Warriors take this game easily.

It was a great night for NBA fans last night, especially if you’re a Warriors fan ( not the bandwagoners, they don’t count ). I figured I had to cover that huge night in the league, I just couldn’t let the likes of IT and Bledsoe be left out of the limelight, as it’s almost a guarantee they’ll only be a shadow against Curry’s huge performance. Follow my blog for more NBA posts, and let me know what you thought of last night’s big night below. Check out my Twitter so you can keep up with my daily shite-talking. Enjoy your day.


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