NBA Discussion; The Shaqtin’ MVP gets Heated with Shaq – 25th Feb

Must of you have probably heard of NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal, and the majority have more than likely seen a segment of the former Lakers and Heat big man’s “Shaqtin’ A Fool,’ a short series of clips on NBA on TNT’s breakdowns which highlights the league’s bloopers and mistakes, centring around NBA players who have made the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Shaq has featured Golden State Warriors’ centre JaVale McGee on his show on a more than regular basis, earning McGee the “Shaqtin’ MVP” on several occasions. JaVale has done a lot of things to deserve to be on Shaq’s ‘lowlight’ reel, but the Warriors’ big man has finally had enough of the humiliation, and hit out at the strongest player in NBA history with a series of tweets, forcing Shaq to retaliate with tweets of his own. Here’s the tweets:

First of all, I understand that McGee’s upset over being displayed on Shaqtin’ on so many occasions and basically have a fool made of himself regularly, but it was stupid to take it to the media at all. Shaq has such a huge fanbase as one of the greatest big men of all time, so McGee would have got absolutely laced by fans even if Shaq hadn’t reacted to JaVale’s tweets, so taking it to the media was the worst decision he could have made. Now, Shaq was way out of line with the threats to McGee, and stating that he would “smack the s**t” out of him could have been left out of the drama, but the 4x NBA Champion is correct in saying that McGee will only be remembered for Shaqtin’, as harsh as it is to say. JaVale is athletic for a man his size, but his ability ends there. He can’t shoot, much like Shaq, he’s not extremely strong when compared to the other centres in the league, and he’s not a fantastic paint protector. If not for his appearances on Shaqtin’ A Fool, and now the drama with the show’s host, McGee wouldn’t be remembered for anything other than being a non-significant part of the Warriors roster. But I agree that Shaq was way out of line, there’s no need to threaten a player just trying to make a career out of the game. McGee’s also at fault though; Shaq’s show is just a little comedy segment trying to make the fans of the NBA laugh, which they do, and the fact that he’s regularly a part of the show is only his fault for making so many ridiculous plays, plays that a professional baller shouldn’t be making consistently. Now the threats to Shaq, obviously Shaq was in the wrong for threatening McGee, I mean that’s just uncool, but McGee shouldn’t have retaliated with threats of equal calibre. Like JaVale, have you seen Shaq? He’s a monster, and just because he’s older doesn’t mean he wouldn’t put you on the floor, so best not to act big against the strongest player the game of basketball has ever seen. It’s a lose-lose for both big men in this case, and it’s probably best for everyone to just delete the tweets and forget this little feud ever happened.

McGee’s teammate Kevin Durant made an attempt to defend his supporting big man in a quote which hammers former Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal, trashing his lack of skill and ability other than his enormous size:

Shaq was a shitty free throw shooter, he missed dunks, he airballed free throws, he couldn’t shoot outside the paint. He was bigger than everyone, and didn’t have no skill, bigger and stronger than everyone. Still a great player, but you had your flaws as a player and you played on five or six teams, too. So it’s not like he’s just some perfect centre. You had your flaws, too.

I have no problem with KD criticising a former player, because Durant will be one of the greatest shooters of all time, so it’s okay for a great to criticise a great. But KD should’ve just stayed out of the drama, I mean JaVale isn’t exactly an outstanding player, and you certainly wouldn’t want to be on the bad side of an NBA legend who has a massive online presence, especially when you’re already getting so much hate for betraying Russell Westbrook in the off-season. Although he made some good points, saying Shaq had “no skill” is definitely wrong, the Hall of Famer had a pretty sweet post game, so he’s in the wrong for saying that. Shaq did respond to KD on Twitter, but his tweets were again aimed at trashing McGee:


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NBA Discussion; Boogie’s Pelicans Debut, Lou Will’s First Game as a Rocket – 24th Feb 2017

The Rockets were in New Orleans for their first game since the All-Star Break, facing the new and improved Pelicans squad, which features the “Twin Towers,” Boogie and The Brow, as they’re now being known as on social media. There’s no way to sugar coat it, but the Pelicans were man handled by a quick Rockets squad, who beat the Pelicans by running the fast break against a team far too large to chase them down, totalling 34 fast break points on 20 Pelican turnovers of possession. And it was actually Houston’s bench which did the majority of the scoring, putting up 79 of the Rockets’ 129 for the game.

Boogie had a pretty good debut in his new #0 jersey for the Pelicans, putting up 27 points and 14 rebounds, which led the game in boards. The other half of the Twin Towers put scored 29 points, which also led the game, continuing The Brow’s huge performance at the All-Star Game. The big men duo of NOLA did exactly what the league feared they would do; go inside and dominate the paint. And although they were blown out, it was through no fault of the NBA’s biggest partnership, who scored more as a pair than the rest of the team combined, solidifying the Pelicans’ need for a third scorer. Of course, the first game of Boogie’s career in New Orleans being a blow out is going to upset the franchise’s fans, but we can’t expect the team to just click  after one game with their new duo. Give it time, Pelicans fans, and I’m sure your squad will come together and likely put up a playoff run. The Pelicans second trade, Omri Casspi, had a decent night also, scoring 12 points off the bench. Despite the huge loss, the future is bright for the rapidly developing New Orleans roster, and I’ve no doubt that if they don’t put up a playoff picture this year, they have the potential to make a deep run next season if they continue to develop, and make a move for a third scoring option in the off-season.

The spotlight was on Lou Williams all night, however. The Rockets new scoring guard, who came to Houston along with a first round pick in the draft from the Lakers in an exchange for Corey Brewer, had a big 27 points coming off the bench, shooting 7-11 from three-point land. Lou Will was playing like vintage J.R Smith from behind the arc, shooting contested bombs and inviting the defender before splashing it home. He certainly had the hot hand every time the starters needed a break, solidifying the Rockets huge win against the Pelicans. Patrick Beverly led Houston in rebounds (yes, seriously), with 12 boards for the little guy. H-Town star James Harden put up a double-double in a 13 point, 14 assist performance, and was throwing lobs to Clint Capela all night, a display we see from the Beard on a more than regular basis, as we’ve seen him become quite comfortable as the Rockets dime disher. Lou Will’s big night is a scary sign for the rest of the league, as the offensively terrifying Houston team have just gotten more scary with the addition of a big bucket-getter off the bench in the former Lakers guard, who is more than capable of developing into one of the league’s prolific scoring guards. The Rockets take this game easily.

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NBA Discussion; DeMarcus Cousins Huge Trade to the Pelicans – 20th Feb 2017

The events of All-Star Weekend are officially over, and apart from a terrible Dunk Contest (sorry, but it’s true), it was a great weekend, with a number of records being set in last night’s heavily-offensive All-Star Game. It was a weekend of successes for New Orleans, being the host of All-Star Weekend for the 3rd time in 10 years, having their star player Anthony Davis set the All-Star game record for points with a huge 52 point game, taking down Wilt Chamberlain’s 42 point game in 1962. But the biggest success for NOLA and the Pelicans happened after All-Star Weekend, in a post game interview, when we were made aware that DeMarcus Cousins, the Big Boogie, would be traded to the Pelicans in exchange for Buddy Hield, Tyreke Evans, Langston Galloway, and a first and second round pick in the draft come June. There’s been a lot of controversy over this trade, and rightly so, but who’s the real winner of Boogie’s departure? Did the Pelicans get a steal for one of the league’s biggest (literally) and brightest stars, or did the Kings cut their losses in one of the worst tempers in the NBA?

Let’s take a look at the Pelicans’ point of view with the trade. Obviously, they’re getting a good trade in acquiring DeMarcus Cousins, who is one of the league’s best big men, creating potentially one of the greatest frontcourts in NBA history alongside NBA superstar Anthony Davis. It’s a known fact that both Cousins and Davis have a great relationship together off-court, and can often be seen laughing and joking around after games, which will obviously help the chemistry situation of the new big duo. So there’s no doubt that the new Pelicans pair will beast in the paint, but it’s easy to forget that both Boogie and the Brow have got the long-range ability most big men can only dream of having, so the ability to stretch the floor is significantly present. In terms of their losses, the Pelicans aren’t actually losing much in terms of star power, although the number of players they’re losing isn’t ideal. Tyreke Evans already served a term at the Kings, so will be no stranger to the ways of Sacramento, and he wasn’t much of an asset to the Pelicans anyway, with 9.5 PPG being the extent of his usefulness in New Orleans. Langston Galloway is in the same boat as Evans in terms of his significance in NOLA, with 8.6 PPG topping off his ability, so the Pelicans aren’t losing much in terms of those two. Buddy Hield is a noticeable loss for Anthony Davis’ squad, however, with the rookie averaging 8.6 PPG, same as Galloway, but showed his true potential in the Rising Stars Challenge. If they were getting someone else other than Boogie in this trade, the first round pick in June would be a huge loss for a team in need of a star to ball alongside Davis, but because the trade acquires Cousins, the first and second round picks aren’t that much of a loss, while still being significant to New Orleans. One worry for the Pelicans though, is whether or not Cousins will resign with the squad when his contract runs out in a year and half. It is possible that Boogie will leave for a more proven team in terms of winning ability, after being sick of getting nowhere in a 6 year term with the Kings and nothing to show for it. If the Pelicans wish to keep Boogie come 2018, they’re going to have to start winning, which is obviously a possibility now that Cousins will be backing up Anthony Davis, and even making a nice trio with Jrue Holiday at the point. The future is definitely bright for this young team now that Boogie’s in New Orleans.

But are the Kings actually winning in this trade? They’ve managed to get 3 players and 2 picks in the draft, for a player who is likely to be fouled out in every game he plays in due to his temper. Obviously, Kings’ fans are not happy with the trade of their best player by a country mile, which I genuinely respect, but they’re yet to realise that if Boogie was to stay in Sacramento, the odds of him resigning with the Kings were very slim, meaning the team would have to let him go for nothing, much like the Thunder did with Kevin Durant in the off-season. If you ask me, it’s much better to lose Boogie for 3 players and 2 potential stars at the end of the year, than to keep Cousins for another year and a half, with the playoff picture very unlikely in that period, and to let him go for free with virtually no chance of him resigning to a losing team. This way, they’re getting a back up for Deron Collison in Buddy Hield, an already proven Kings player in Evans, and a significant role player in Langston Galloway, not to mention two potential stars in the draft. It’s totally understandable for the Kings’ fans to be upset with the trade, I mean, they did lose a superstar player on a gamble for potential, but I think it’s time for Sacramento go into rebuilding mode, and to rely on the draft for stars, rather than building around current players. I guess only time will tell who came out the real winners in this trade deal.

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NBA Discussion; All Star Weekend Day 1 – Celebrity Game and Rising Stars Challenge – 18th Feb 2017

The first day of All-Star Weekend is officially over, and the Celebrity Game and Rising Stars Challenge did not disappoint in providing an exciting opening night for the biggest event in basketball. Big performances from celebrities like Brandon Armstrong and Rachel A DeMita, combined with strong showings from Karl-Anthony Towns and Jamal Murray in the Rising Stars Challenge highlighted the initial night of All-Star Weekend. So let’s get into it.

NBA impersonator Brandon Armstrong, better known as “BDotADot5” on YouTube and social media, claimed the MVP award in the Celebrity Game with a 16 point, 15 rebound performance to get the ball rolling in New Orleans. 2KTV presenter Rachel A DeMita had a great game also, creating a sense of joy from NBA 2K fans watching the game. Armstrong not only had a great game, but brought in his signature James Harden eurostep impression into the game, which undoubtedly was a travel, but was still a nice reference to the YouTube star’s videos. NBA legend Jason Williams, aka “White Chocolate,” brought back his beloved elbow pass in the game, dishing it into the paint for a smooth dime from one of the best in the business in terms of flashy passes. The celebrities acknowledged one of the largest trends online by bringing the “Mannequin Challenge” into the game, freezing the court after an airballed 3 point attempt, which highlighted the fun that was brought on by the celebs. Compared to recent years, I feel this was the best Celebrity Game in the last 5, maybe 6 years, and the Mannequin Challenge showed the celebs weren’t taking the game too seriously, but provided a fair balance of balling and entertaining the fans, which is of course what this game is all about.

The Rising Stars Challenge was, as it normally is, a lot of fun to watch, with a game filled with fast-paced offence and a ludicrous amount of highlights, and obviously an almost ridiculous lack of defence. Jamal Murray brought home the MVP title in a 36 point, 11 assist showing for the World rookies, splashing 9 threes in the progress. Buddy Hield was just a fun player to watch, throwing lobs, catching lobs, and throwing the ball off the glass to himself and finishing with a 360 lay-up, highlighting what this game is all about; having fun and entertaining the fans. Jonathon Simmons had a great game also, with more than a few dunks in the game and one of the filthiest blocks I’d ever seen. Frank Kaminsky was red-hot all game, splashing 3’s from everyone on the court, showing he has the range to make it in the NBA. Nikola Jokic released his inner Chris Webber, showing his playmaking skills with several impressive dimes to Kristaps Porzingis, who also had a great game with a mix of dunks and 3-pointers. D’Angelo Russell was showing off the handles all game, dancing around defenders and knocking down shots for most of the night, he also had a great game. Karl-Anthony Towns had a huge game, flying up and down the court in transition, showing he has the agility that most big men could only dream of. And, of course, this was all topped off by Jamal Murray’s MVP performance of splashes and dimes. This was a genuinely exciting game to watch, but I wouldn’t suggest tuning in if you’re fan of hard defence, because that was almost non-existent, aside from a couple of highlight-deserving blocks from Simmons and Porzingis.

Day 1 of the 2016-2017 All-Star Weekend was a big success, and provided an exciting preview of what’s to come tonight and tomorrow with the upcoming events. The Skills Challenge, 3 Point Shootout and Dunk Contest take place tonight, so be sure to check those out before the headlining All-Star Game on Sunday. Let me know what you thought of the Celebrity Game and Rising Stars Challenge, and if you’re going to watch the rest of this weekend’s events, because it’s only going to get better from here on out. Follow my blog for more on All-Star Weekend, and check out my Twitter for my reactions to all the events in New Orleans over the next couple of days. Enjoy your day!


NBA Discussion; Miami Bringing the Heat, Melo Trade Rumours Continue, KowarD Shirts – 11th Feb 2017

The NBA’s been filled with drama and surprises lately, with the Miami Heat going on the biggest win streak this season, Carmelo Anthony’s trade rumours continuing to escalate as his performances get better and better, and the Thunder fans wearing the “KowarD” shirts to insult Kevin Durant. Safe to say it’s been a rather dramatic season so far, but previous weeks have topped it off for the 2016-2017 season, so let’s get into it.

First of all; the Miami Heat. Oh my God. How are they doing this? They’ve went on the longest winning streak of season (currently at 13 Ws). Not only that, but they’ve set the NBA record for longest winning streak for a team playing below .500 basketball after surpassing the previous record of 12 games. And the Heat aren’t beating just poor teams, they’ve taken down the Golden State Warriors, the Rockets and the Hawks on this crazy stretch of fantastic performances, so nobody can really say they’re at an easy part in the schedule. I must confess, I’d written off the Heat as a playoff team back in November, but recently I have to give credit to Waiters, Whiteside and even Dragic, who have been balling out lately as they’ve led the former NBA giants to just 1 game behind a playoff seed. If they can continue to play the way they’ve been playing, the Heat could shock some fans into making a playoff run, not a deep playoff run honestly, but second round isn’t completely out of the question if they keep this run up. Miami are really bringing the Heat to the league.

I genuinely feel sorry for Carmelo Anthony at this stage. These trade rumours are getting completely out of hand, despite Melo’s recent outstanding performances in clutch games on a struggling Knicks team. It doesn’t make much sense; when the Knicks lose, Melo’s to blame, but when they win, it’s because of Porzingis’ performance. These aren’t my thoughts, but the logic of Knicks fans, who show no love to the player stopping them for being dead last in the conference, even if they aren’t in the playoff picture. Melo’s been linked to several teams this season; the Clippers, the Cavs, and most recently, the Bulls. I feel Melo could actually fit well on a Bulls’ squad, as a secondary scorer behind Jimmy Butler, but it’s unlikely to happen as the Bulls don’t have a lot to trade for a player like Melo. Carmelo’s been balling out recently, clinching some much needed wins in close games for the Knicks, despite the rumours of him getting traded hanging over his head every day. Wherever he ends up, I give props to him for handling the speculation so well and playing to his full ability despite not being wanted by the majority of the Knicks fanbase, who I have absolutely no respect for anymore.

The Warriors are taking on the Thunder in Oklahoma tonight, which means the “beef” between Westbrook and KD has escalated as the former duo battle it out once again. Kevin Durant has reportedly hired extra security for the game in OKC tonight, tripling Golden State’s security for the night, as he is clearly anxious of being attacked or mobbed by angry fans. But the story of the night is this:


This is the t-shirt OKC Thunder fans will be wearing to show their disgust at Kevin Durant’s departure to Golden State in the off-season. I genuinely laughed at the image, to be fair it’s very clever. But I think Thunder fans are taking this a bit too far now. Fair enough, Durant was obviously ring hunting when he made the decision to join the Warriors, turning them into the greatest team in NBA history, and it’s completely understandable to brand him a traitor. But he’s not the first player to do it, LeBron also did it when he joined Miami back in 2011, and many have done it in the past. But either way, whether you like or dislike KD, there’s no denying that he’s a fantastic player and scorer, and will most likely be the missing piece the Warriors were looking for to take down LBJ and the Cavs.

Let me know what you think about Miami’s winning streak, Melo’s trade speculation and the KowarD shirts down below. Follow my blog for more NBA Discussions and check out my Twitter for updates on my blog and to keep up with my general shite posting. Enjoy your day!


NBA Discussion; The Kings are World Beaters – 6th Feb 2017

The Kings were defending home-court against the Golden State Warriors in Sacramento two nights ago, and surprisingly beat them out in an OT nail biter. DeMarcus Cousins led the Kings with a near-triple-double, missing out by one assist in a 32 point performance to beat out the Warriors, led by Stephen Curry’s 35 points and 9 assists. An almost non-existent Kevin Durant, with a mediocre 10 points on 20% shooting, allowed Boogie to bully the offensive-minded Golden State roster in the paint, following the formula created by the Grizzlies to beat the NBA’s super team. Although he put up 35 in the loss, Steph could be the blame for humiliating defeat against the 11th seed Kings, missing an open lay-up in regulation time to win the game, sending the game to overtime, where both Curry and Durant disappeared with no more than 5 points between them, and another missed lay-up by Curry to seal the game. Kings took the game by 3, against all odds.

This isn’t the first time the Kings have taken down a top tier team, though. In fact, Sacramento have created a habit out of beating high seeded teams in the league, the Cavaliers and Rockets included. They’ve also beaten the Toronto Raptors, who are rising up the ranks to becoming a top tier squad, and have now added a victory over the Warriors to their accolades, despite playing less than .400 basketball for the season.25% of the Kings’ victories this season have been over top seeded teams, such as the Warriors and Cavs. Not bad for a team who don’t even have a playoff seed, and are not close to getting there.

Let’s have a look at the stars on the Kings roster:

  • DeMarcus Cousins

That’s it. Boogie is the only player who would make a fans fantasy team, and is carrying the team on his incredibly large shoulders. Rudy Gay could have been an All-Star had he not been in decline since coming into the league. Boogie’s averaging 28 PPG, as well as nearly 11 assists, and what he lacks in a polite mannerism, he makes up for in his game, and sheer ability to bully every player who is unfortunate enough to match up against the big fella. All the Kings have to do is give the ball to Boogie and let him go to work inside, and if the paint is clogged, he can step out and show off his long-range ability. There’s no way to lockdown Cousins, unless you’re a seven-foot form of LeBron James. It’s such a pity that his talents are wasted on a team that can’t even make the playoffs, despite having the ability to beat the strongest teams in the league. Boogie and his attitude certainly deserve better.

If the Kings were to trade for a secondary scorer, perhaps Carmelo Anthony, considering he’s looking to leave the struggling Knicks squad, Sacramento could be a threat in the playoffs. But would a trade for Melo, in exchange for possibly Gay and Ty Lawson, to replace Melo and back up Derrick Rose respectively at that point guard position, be worth it? Or are the Knicks losing out on a trade like this? Lawson is averaging just under 9 points and 5 assists per game, despite coming off the bench for Collison, and a starting Rudy Gay is averaging 19 PPG and 6RPG. Melo is averaging 23 PPG and 6 RPG, but is likely to leave the Knicks squad anyway, whether the trade works in favour of New York or not. So, I believe, this trade could prove to be beneficial for both squads, with New York picking up a young scorer in Gay and an experienced veteran in Ty Lawson, while the Kings get an experienced scorer in Carmelo, who would feel familiar in playing with a scoring big man, as he already is with Kristaps Porzingis. Just some speculation, but a possible trade which could prove to be successful for both rosters, who have nothing to lose anyone, as both are faced with the 11th seed in their respective conferences.

Let me know what you think about the Kings performances against strong teams below, as well as my trade speculation for Melo to Sacramento. Follow my blog for more NBA posts, and check out My thoughts on the 2016-17 Dunk Contest and Three Point Contest. Follow my Twitter to keep up with my daily shite posts and for updates on my blog. Enjoy your day!

NBA Discussion; All Star Weekend – Dunk Contest and Three Point Shootout – 3rd Feb 2017

The contestants for All-Star Weekend’s Dunk Contest and 3-Point Shootout were announced last night, and NBA fans are not happy, with more than one controversial decision being made by the league. In both cases, there are contestants who most feel should not definitely not be contestants for two of the most exciting events in the NBA calendar. Let’s start with the Dunk Contest;

The line up for this year’s NBA Dunk Contest is as follows:

  • Aaron Gordon
  • Glenn Robinson III
  • DeAndre Jordan
  • Derrick Jones Jr.

Obviously the stand-out problem with this line up is no Zach LaVine, the 2x reigning Dunk Contest champion. And while LaVine has been throwing down some sick dunks in the regular season, and with most fans hoping Zach would battle for a 3-peat in an epic rematch with Aaron Gordon, the defending champ recently declined his invite to compete this year, although his reasons for doing so are unclear; perhaps he realised that Gordon should have won last season, and is allowing him to do so this year. Zach’s decision was obviously a let down for a lot of fans, including myself, who feel that the Dunk Contest is the most exciting event of All-Star Weekend, and were hoping for a rematch of one of the greatest battle of hops in NBA history.

A lot of you are asking, “who the hell is Derrick Jones Jr?” Well, those of you that don’t know, he’s a Phoenix Suns player playing in the NBA Development League. Yes, I said it, a D-League player is performing in the Dunk Contest. And from what I’ve seen of his in-game dunks, he’s not that special. I mean, sure the kid has hops, but his dunks are not spectacular. They don’t have the same aggression that we see from players in the NBA like Russell Westbrook, or the skill and degree of difficulty that we see from Aaron Gordon. If you were to ask me, I’d say to throw Terrence Ross in there instead of Derrick Jones Jr, or maybe Larry Nance Jr. Now maybe I’m wrong, as Jones did say that he’s got something we’ve “never seen before,” maybe this kid will come out and shock me, and if he does, all props go to the 19 year-old. But, for the moment anyway, I’m not expecting anything too amazing.

Normally I’m excited about the Dunk Contest, as it is my favourite event of this spectacular weekend. But this year I feel it’s just a bunch of aggressive dunkers, with the exception of Air Gordon, thrown together in a battle of power, rather than skill and difficulty. Maybe I’m being too harsh, but I can’t imagine DJ high-flying over 4 players or throwing down a dunk which could match the skill we’ve seen from LaVine and Gordon in the last two years. Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Now, let’s move onto the 3-Point Shootout;

The long range snipers competing in the 2016-2017 3-Point Contest are as follows:

  • Kyrie Irving (39.5%)
  • Klay Thompson (40.4%)
  • Kyle Lowry (42.7%)
  • Kemba Walker (40.2%)
  • Eric Gordon (38.2%)
  • Wesley Matthews (38.1%)
  • Nick Young (41.6)
  • C.J McCollum (42.3%)

Like the Dunk Contest, there’s an obvious flaw in the 3-Point Contest; We’re missing a Splash Brother. Yes, Stephen Curry, who holds the record for most 3-pointers in a season with an incredible 402, who has revolutionised the way the deep ball is shot in the league, who is possibly the greatest shooter of all-time and is currently shooting 41.8% from 3, putting him ahead of everyone on this list aside from Kyle Lowry and C.J McCollum. I’m not a Warriors fan, or a Curry fan for that matter, but not having Steph in the 3-Point Contest is like not having LeBron in the All-Star game, it just wouldn’t make sense. But let’s not get too mad, because it wasn’t the league’s decision to bench Curry for the Shootout. No, much like LaVine in the Dunk Contest, Steph has decided to sit this one out, stating that he wants to make the most of his extended rest period before the All-Star game. This is why Wes Matthews, who isn’t even in the top 50 in 3pt%, is in the line up for the 3-Point Contest. Other than that, I feel these are solid choices, who are sure to make a splash come All-Star Weekend.

Keep an eye out for All-Star Weekend taking place between 17-19 Feb, only a brief period of time away. Let me know what you think about the decisions for both the Dunk Conest and 3-Point Shootout below, and follow my blog for more NBA posts. Check out my thoughts on the 2017 All-Stars and follow my Twitter for updates on my blog. Enjoy your day!