NBA Discussion; The Kings are World Beaters – 6th Feb 2017

The Kings were defending home-court against the Golden State Warriors in Sacramento two nights ago, and surprisingly beat them out in an OT nail biter. DeMarcus Cousins led the Kings with a near-triple-double, missing out by one assist in a 32 point performance to beat out the Warriors, led by Stephen Curry’s 35 points and 9 assists. An almost non-existent Kevin Durant, with a mediocre 10 points on 20% shooting, allowed Boogie to bully the offensive-minded Golden State roster in the paint, following the formula created by the Grizzlies to beat the NBA’s super team. Although he put up 35 in the loss, Steph could be the blame for humiliating defeat against the 11th seed Kings, missing an open lay-up in regulation time to win the game, sending the game to overtime, where both Curry and Durant disappeared with no more than 5 points between them, and another missed lay-up by Curry to seal the game. Kings took the game by 3, against all odds.

This isn’t the first time the Kings have taken down a top tier team, though. In fact, Sacramento have created a habit out of beating high seeded teams in the league, the Cavaliers and Rockets included. They’ve also beaten the Toronto Raptors, who are rising up the ranks to becoming a top tier squad, and have now added a victory over the Warriors to their accolades, despite playing less than .400 basketball for the season.25% of the Kings’ victories this season have been over top seeded teams, such as the Warriors and Cavs. Not bad for a team who don’t even have a playoff seed, and are not close to getting there.

Let’s have a look at the stars on the Kings roster:

  • DeMarcus Cousins

That’s it. Boogie is the only player who would make a fans fantasy team, and is carrying the team on his incredibly large shoulders. Rudy Gay could have been an All-Star had he not been in decline since coming into the league. Boogie’s averaging 28 PPG, as well as nearly 11 assists, and what he lacks in a polite mannerism, he makes up for in his game, and sheer ability to bully every player who is unfortunate enough to match up against the big fella. All the Kings have to do is give the ball to Boogie and let him go to work inside, and if the paint is clogged, he can step out and show off his long-range ability. There’s no way to lockdown Cousins, unless you’re a seven-foot form of LeBron James. It’s such a pity that his talents are wasted on a team that can’t even make the playoffs, despite having the ability to beat the strongest teams in the league. Boogie and his attitude certainly deserve better.

If the Kings were to trade for a secondary scorer, perhaps Carmelo Anthony, considering he’s looking to leave the struggling Knicks squad, Sacramento could be a threat in the playoffs. But would a trade for Melo, in exchange for possibly Gay and Ty Lawson, to replace Melo and back up Derrick Rose respectively at that point guard position, be worth it? Or are the Knicks losing out on a trade like this? Lawson is averaging just under 9 points and 5 assists per game, despite coming off the bench for Collison, and a starting Rudy Gay is averaging 19 PPG and 6RPG. Melo is averaging 23 PPG and 6 RPG, but is likely to leave the Knicks squad anyway, whether the trade works in favour of New York or not. So, I believe, this trade could prove to be beneficial for both squads, with New York picking up a young scorer in Gay and an experienced veteran in Ty Lawson, while the Kings get an experienced scorer in Carmelo, who would feel familiar in playing with a scoring big man, as he already is with Kristaps Porzingis. Just some speculation, but a possible trade which could prove to be successful for both rosters, who have nothing to lose anyone, as both are faced with the 11th seed in their respective conferences.

Let me know what you think about the Kings performances against strong teams below, as well as my trade speculation for Melo to Sacramento. Follow my blog for more NBA posts, and check out My thoughts on the 2016-17 Dunk Contest and Three Point Contest. Follow my Twitter to keep up with my daily shite posts and for updates on my blog. Enjoy your day!


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