NBA Discussion; Miami Bringing the Heat, Melo Trade Rumours Continue, KowarD Shirts – 11th Feb 2017

The NBA’s been filled with drama and surprises lately, with the Miami Heat going on the biggest win streak this season, Carmelo Anthony’s trade rumours continuing to escalate as his performances get better and better, and the Thunder fans wearing the “KowarD” shirts to insult Kevin Durant. Safe to say it’s been a rather dramatic season so far, but previous weeks have topped it off for the 2016-2017 season, so let’s get into it.

First of all; the Miami Heat. Oh my God. How are they doing this? They’ve went on the longest winning streak of season (currently at 13 Ws). Not only that, but they’ve set the NBA record for longest winning streak for a team playing below .500 basketball after surpassing the previous record of 12 games. And the Heat aren’t beating just poor teams, they’ve taken down the Golden State Warriors, the Rockets and the Hawks on this crazy stretch of fantastic performances, so nobody can really say they’re at an easy part in the schedule. I must confess, I’d written off the Heat as a playoff team back in November, but recently I have to give credit to Waiters, Whiteside and even Dragic, who have been balling out lately as they’ve led the former NBA giants to just 1 game behind a playoff seed. If they can continue to play the way they’ve been playing, the Heat could shock some fans into making a playoff run, not a deep playoff run honestly, but second round isn’t completely out of the question if they keep this run up. Miami are really bringing the Heat to the league.

I genuinely feel sorry for Carmelo Anthony at this stage. These trade rumours are getting completely out of hand, despite Melo’s recent outstanding performances in clutch games on a struggling Knicks team. It doesn’t make much sense; when the Knicks lose, Melo’s to blame, but when they win, it’s because of Porzingis’ performance. These aren’t my thoughts, but the logic of Knicks fans, who show no love to the player stopping them for being dead last in the conference, even if they aren’t in the playoff picture. Melo’s been linked to several teams this season; the Clippers, the Cavs, and most recently, the Bulls. I feel Melo could actually fit well on a Bulls’ squad, as a secondary scorer behind Jimmy Butler, but it’s unlikely to happen as the Bulls don’t have a lot to trade for a player like Melo. Carmelo’s been balling out recently, clinching some much needed wins in close games for the Knicks, despite the rumours of him getting traded hanging over his head every day. Wherever he ends up, I give props to him for handling the speculation so well and playing to his full ability despite not being wanted by the majority of the Knicks fanbase, who I have absolutely no respect for anymore.

The Warriors are taking on the Thunder in Oklahoma tonight, which means the “beef” between Westbrook and KD has escalated as the former duo battle it out once again. Kevin Durant has reportedly hired extra security for the game in OKC tonight, tripling Golden State’s security for the night, as he is clearly anxious of being attacked or mobbed by angry fans. But the story of the night is this:


This is the t-shirt OKC Thunder fans will be wearing to show their disgust at Kevin Durant’s departure to Golden State in the off-season. I genuinely laughed at the image, to be fair it’s very clever. But I think Thunder fans are taking this a bit too far now. Fair enough, Durant was obviously ring hunting when he made the decision to join the Warriors, turning them into the greatest team in NBA history, and it’s completely understandable to brand him a traitor. But he’s not the first player to do it, LeBron also did it when he joined Miami back in 2011, and many have done it in the past. But either way, whether you like or dislike KD, there’s no denying that he’s a fantastic player and scorer, and will most likely be the missing piece the Warriors were looking for to take down LBJ and the Cavs.

Let me know what you think about Miami’s winning streak, Melo’s trade speculation and the KowarD shirts down below. Follow my blog for more NBA Discussions and check out my Twitter for updates on my blog and to keep up with my general shite posting. Enjoy your day!



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