NBA Discussion; DeMarcus Cousins Huge Trade to the Pelicans – 20th Feb 2017

The events of All-Star Weekend are officially over, and apart from a terrible Dunk Contest (sorry, but it’s true), it was a great weekend, with a number of records being set in last night’s heavily-offensive All-Star Game. It was a weekend of successes for New Orleans, being the host of All-Star Weekend for the 3rd time in 10 years, having their star player Anthony Davis set the All-Star game record for points with a huge 52 point game, taking down Wilt Chamberlain’s 42 point game in 1962. But the biggest success for NOLA and the Pelicans happened after All-Star Weekend, in a post game interview, when we were made aware that DeMarcus Cousins, the Big Boogie, would be traded to the Pelicans in exchange for Buddy Hield, Tyreke Evans, Langston Galloway, and a first and second round pick in the draft come June. There’s been a lot of controversy over this trade, and rightly so, but who’s the real winner of Boogie’s departure? Did the Pelicans get a steal for one of the league’s biggest (literally) and brightest stars, or did the Kings cut their losses in one of the worst tempers in the NBA?

Let’s take a look at the Pelicans’ point of view with the trade. Obviously, they’re getting a good trade in acquiring DeMarcus Cousins, who is one of the league’s best big men, creating potentially one of the greatest frontcourts in NBA history alongside NBA superstar Anthony Davis. It’s a known fact that both Cousins and Davis have a great relationship together off-court, and can often be seen laughing and joking around after games, which will obviously help the chemistry situation of the new big duo. So there’s no doubt that the new Pelicans pair will beast in the paint, but it’s easy to forget that both Boogie and the Brow have got the long-range ability most big men can only dream of having, so the ability to stretch the floor is significantly present. In terms of their losses, the Pelicans aren’t actually losing much in terms of star power, although the number of players they’re losing isn’t ideal. Tyreke Evans already served a term at the Kings, so will be no stranger to the ways of Sacramento, and he wasn’t much of an asset to the Pelicans anyway, with 9.5 PPG being the extent of his usefulness in New Orleans. Langston Galloway is in the same boat as Evans in terms of his significance in NOLA, with 8.6 PPG topping off his ability, so the Pelicans aren’t losing much in terms of those two. Buddy Hield is a noticeable loss for Anthony Davis’ squad, however, with the rookie averaging 8.6 PPG, same as Galloway, but showed his true potential in the Rising Stars Challenge. If they were getting someone else other than Boogie in this trade, the first round pick in June would be a huge loss for a team in need of a star to ball alongside Davis, but because the trade acquires Cousins, the first and second round picks aren’t that much of a loss, while still being significant to New Orleans. One worry for the Pelicans though, is whether or not Cousins will resign with the squad when his contract runs out in a year and half. It is possible that Boogie will leave for a more proven team in terms of winning ability, after being sick of getting nowhere in a 6 year term with the Kings and nothing to show for it. If the Pelicans wish to keep Boogie come 2018, they’re going to have to start winning, which is obviously a possibility now that Cousins will be backing up Anthony Davis, and even making a nice trio with Jrue Holiday at the point. The future is definitely bright for this young team now that Boogie’s in New Orleans.

But are the Kings actually winning in this trade? They’ve managed to get 3 players and 2 picks in the draft, for a player who is likely to be fouled out in every game he plays in due to his temper. Obviously, Kings’ fans are not happy with the trade of their best player by a country mile, which I genuinely respect, but they’re yet to realise that if Boogie was to stay in Sacramento, the odds of him resigning with the Kings were very slim, meaning the team would have to let him go for nothing, much like the Thunder did with Kevin Durant in the off-season. If you ask me, it’s much better to lose Boogie for 3 players and 2 potential stars at the end of the year, than to keep Cousins for another year and a half, with the playoff picture very unlikely in that period, and to let him go for free with virtually no chance of him resigning to a losing team. This way, they’re getting a back up for Deron Collison in Buddy Hield, an already proven Kings player in Evans, and a significant role player in Langston Galloway, not to mention two potential stars in the draft. It’s totally understandable for the Kings’ fans to be upset with the trade, I mean, they did lose a superstar player on a gamble for potential, but I think it’s time for Sacramento go into rebuilding mode, and to rely on the draft for stars, rather than building around current players. I guess only time will tell who came out the real winners in this trade deal.

Let me know what you think of the trade for Boogie below. Follow my blog for more NBA Discussions, and check out my Twitter for more updates on my blog and just general shite posting. Keep an eye on the blog later tonight for a post on the All-Star game. Enjoy your day!


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