NBA Discussion; Beastbrook.

I had planned to give my award to the Defensive Player of the Year this evening, but Russell Westbrook has just completely changed my schedule after doing the one thing that would truly set him aside from the other MVP candidates (I’m still voting for James Harden, however) – he has finally joined Oscar Robertson to become the second person in NBA history to average a triple double for an entire season. Not only that, but he is currently tied with the Big O’s NBA record of 41 triple doubles in a single season, and with 3 games to go, I’m extremely confident that Brodie will hold that record come April 12th. It’s just too hard to believe that he’d go five games without a triple double, which has sort of locked in my belief that he will become the true triple double king at the end of the season.

Like I said, James Harden is still getting my vote for MVP, but, being a Rockets fan, that’s understandable. But the hate Westbrook is getting on social media, on the NBA’s official page and off-brand meme pages and such, is just ridiculous. I’m not a Thunder fan by any means, but it’s hard not to like Westbrook, both as a player and as a personality. He’s such a happy and fun person to watch, I mean, it’s difficult not to smile, or even laugh, when you watch Brodie do his pre-game dances, laughing and joking around with his teammates, particularly Cameron Payne. I watched a video of his pre-game dance while sitting on a chair before the Suns game last night, and I couldn’t help but laugh as he danced around and lip-synced to Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Humble.’ It’s really what sets him and Harden apart from the likes of Kawhi and LeBron – they relate to the fans, and genuinely look like they’re having fun while they’re doing what they’re paid to do, which is why you see them dancing and celebrating when they hit tough shots. You just don’t see Kawhi doing that, and it’s rare to see LeBron doing it, and when he does celebrate, it’s generally his signature angry face and shoulder brush. So the hate Westbrook’s getting, I really don’t understand it. From the perspective of a basketball fan and a person, I think people should just praise Westbrook for his amazing accomplishments this season, rather than finding ways to put him down while they talk up other players.

What Westbrook has done, and is doing still, this season, is absolutely phenomenal, to the extent that no other player has come close to matching up to him in terms of out-of-this-world achievements. Whether you’re voting for Harden, LeBron of Kawhi, if you can’t appreciate the things Brodie is doing this season, you’re not a true fan of the NBA. Aside from carrying the Thunder to a playoff seed, virtually all by himself, he’s breaking near-impossible records while he’s doing it. He became the only player to join Oscar Robertson triple double average club, and has done it with the weight of an awfully atrocious Thunder squad on his shoulders, which hasn’t seemed to slow him down. And while this stat would be amazing for any player with the ability to achieve, it’s much better that we see it coming from Westbrook. He was abandoned by superstar teammate Kevin Durant at the start of the season, left all alone to carry a poor team, against an 11-12th place projection by most fans. But he’s showed everyone that he wasn’t ready to give up like KD was, and has brought the Thunder to the playoffs, and at full speed as always, I might add. He could potentially be the first MVP, that isn’t part of a top 3 seeded team, in over 20. So if you needed another argument for Westbrook’s MVP case, there you go. And look, I’m completely for Harden winning MVP this season, but I certainly won’t be mad if it’s given to Westbrook, because he is just as deserving of the award as The Beard.

Just a quick word on how close this season’s MVP race is – it’s recently come to light that the regular season MVP won’t be announced until after the Finals, in an “Award Show,” likely to give the league a chance to total up their results from social media votes and such. But I have a theory; what if the league are holding off handing out the award until the end of the playoffs, because they still don’t know who’s more deserving between Harden and Westbrook, and are going to use the playoffs as a further measure of each player’s ability and value to their team? I know the MVP award is based on regular season performances, but doesn’t it make sense? Anyway, it’s just a thought I had while trying to think of ways Harden can outshine Westbrook’s beast of a season. Congratulations to Beastbrook on officially averaging a triple double for the season, and I’m sure I’ll be talking about holding the record for most single season triple doubles in a few days.

Let me know what you think of Russ’ amazing season so far down below, and follow my blog for more NBA Discussions and to see me complete my end of season awards. The DPOY award will be handed out tomorrow evening, apologies again for the delay, but I couldn’t not talk about Westbrook after what he’s done. Check out my Twitter for updates on the blog and just my general shite posting. Enjoy your day!


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