NBA Playoff Discussion; Western Conference Finals Game 1 – Spurs @ Warriors

The long-awaited Western Conference Finals started last night, and it was a great game. The Spurs came out fighting, like they have been for the majority of the playoffs, with tough battles against Memphis and even tougher battles in Houston preparing them for the biggest test of all – Golden State. The NBA’s super team came out looking quite sluggish to begin with, but that’s to be expected considering how easy they’ve had it in the West so far, and their week long break was still in their systems. But Game 1 was truly one of the greatest games to start a Conference Finals, so let’s get into it.

The Spurs had a great start to Game 1, going up big against the Warriors in the first half, gaining a huge 25 point lead, shocking every NBA fan lucky enough to watching this incredible sight. Golden State, like I said, came out looking sluggish after walking their way to the Conference Finals, and were perhaps taken aback by a San Antonio squad who were prepared to fight until the final buzzer. The Warriors were doing everything wrong, turning the ball over, missing open shots, Steph Curry airballed a three pointer to end the second quarter. They just couldn’t find the answer to getting past the #1 defensive team in the NBA, led, of course, by Kawhi Leonard, who was having his own way in the first half. Whether it was going to the lane and throwing down a mean hammer, or pulling up from the mid-range, Kawhi was doing whatever he wanted, and then stopped the Warriors from doing anything on the other end. But nothing lasts forever, and you can’t beat the Warriors for just 24 minutes, you’ve got to fight for the entire 48. The Spurs’ hopes of taking Golden State at home were destroyed when Kawhi injured that left ankle that was causing him so much discomfort against the Rockets, but continued to play, only to hurt it again a few plays later, and had to be carried off for the rest of the game. The Warriors, naturally, chose this moment to strike, and x2 MVP Stephen Curry was leading the way offensively.

Remember that Warriors team we saw last season during the regular season, when they just killed every team who came within five points of winning? The Warriors became that team again, only this time with an offensive beast in Kevin Durant. The super team’s two leading scorers, KD and Steph, took over the game and combined for a huge 74 points, and both of them shot over 50% from the field. They were pulling up from everywhere on the court, and if they missed a three, it was no problem, they just grabbed the offensive board and tried again, and rarely did they miss two in a row. You think I’m exaggerating? Kawhi Leonard led the Spurs in rebounds, and he only played 2 quarters of basketball, that’s how poor San Antonio were on the glass when they’re superstar left the court. We saw the MVP Curry, the one who pulled up from anywhere, and with such a confidence that he’d turn around before the shot hit the net. There was one play, where Steph stole the inbound, stepped back, and splashed a three, and I just thought to myself, “man, it’s been so long since we’ve seen that kind of Steph, he’s so fun to watch.” The Warriors are at their best when Steph is confident, and when KD is pulling up and shooting contested threes over LaMarcus Aldridge, there’s little more you can do than just sit there and admire these offensive freaks do their thing. It was certainly a tale of two halves in Game 1 of the WCFs, emphasised by Steph’s dramatic improvement in the 3rd and 4th quarter.

A few things to note:

  • I’m confident in believing that the Spurs would have won this game by double digits, not in the 20’s, but double digits, had Kawhi Leonard not gone down on that left ankle. He has also been confirmed to be out for Game 2, so expect a similar outcome to Game 1.
  • LaMarcus Aldridge needs to step up on the defensive end, if the Spurs want to have any hope of surviving this series. His offense has been consistently good over the last few games.
  • Klay Thompson has had no impact on the playoffs this season, despite an average performance in Game 4 against Utah. The Warriors have one of the most devastating offenses in NBA history when he’s knocking down threes, and I don’ like to see a player like Klay go through a rough stretch, so here’s to hoping he bounces back.

NBA Discussion; Let’s Talk About Kevin Durant – 24th March 2017

*photo via (insidehoops)

We’re getting deep into the final stretch of the NBA 2016-2017 season, and Kevin Durant’s knee injury almost a month ago is still haunting Warriors fans, and getting the hopes of Cavs fans up to a limit they haven’t seen since they pushed the Finals to Game 7 last year. For a while, directly after KD’s injury, Golden State looked broken, they looked like a completely different team, compared to this terrifying group of scoring machines who could put up 120 points on any given night, against any given team. Steph and Klay had awful games, night after night, with Curry even going 0-11 from deep in one game, the worst of his career. But recently, it appears as though the Warriors are getting back on track, which is probably the best news they could hear other than KD’s early return, as San Antonio have caught up to them considerably in terms of winning record, and even passed the former Champions for a brief period. Steph is back to being Steph, and Klay is hitting shots consistently again, and it seems that what was potentially the worst case for the Warriors in Durant’s injury, is secretly, on some deeper level, a light at the end of the tunnel, as Steve Kerr can now see how he can fit Matt Barnes into the team, and change the roster around so that they can actually win games without their recently added scoring monster in KD, a back-up tactic which probably hadn’t been on his mind when he first made the trade for Durant. But what does the Warriors’ ability to win without Durant, mean for the man himself?

Every man and his dog have heard various insults regarding Kevin Durant being a ‘cupcake’ for leaving NBA one-man army Russell Westbrook and the OKC Thunder, so his performances for the Warriors on a nightly basis had to be freakishly good as a way to back to his decision to leave Russ. Let’s say the Warriors were to win the title this year with the help of Kevin Durant led by Kevin Durant, his decision to leave the Thunder would be justified to the same level as LeBron’s decision to leave Cleveland to join the Miami Heat in search of a title. KD was third in line to win the MVP award, according to the #KiaMVPRace on the NBA Facebook page, but his recent injury obviously takes him out of the equation to win the league’s most acknowledging individual award, especially when you look at the season being played by his former teammates, Russell Westbrook and James Harden. But now that the Warriors have shown that they can win regular season games with Kevin Durant, at least in a recent showing, KD’s justification in leaving Oklahoma is almost non-existent. Imagine a scenario where KD’s injury is longer than expected (hopefully not), and the Warriors have to advance through the playoff rounds without his help; they take on the Thunder in the first round, as is the current playoff picture, a team they’ve already destroyed without Kevin Durant, so we can imagine they’d take them down in a seven game series, especially if Curry continues to show up. Then they play the Rockets and, while it would be an extremely tough match-up, they could win by taking the series to 7 and just out-scoring Houston from deep. Finally, they somehow beat the Spurs in the conference finals and face the Cavs in a 3peat NBA Finals match-up. Even if they don’t win the Finals, the Warriors show they can win without Durant, and his justification to basically abandon Russ is now non-existent and the hate he’s already receiving multiplies by 10. And let’s say they somehow take down the Cavs and win the chip for the second time in three years; the Warriors win the first ring for Durant, he plays no part in earning the jewellery he’ll wear on his finger, and the hate he’s receiving still multiplies by 10. Basically what I’m saying is, the Warriors new-found ability to win without KD is the best case for Warriors’ fans, but it’s the worst case scenario for Kevin, as it shows that he’s not a vital member in their squad, while he’s still an important part of the roster, he is replaceable.

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NBA Discussion; The Warriors Are Struggling Without KD

The Golden State Warriors were on a pretty good run in the last month or two, losing only 6 games since the start of the season, a great achievement even for a team as highly regarded as the Warriors. This run has been in doubt since the injury of superstar Kevin Durant against the Wizards a week ago. They lost two games in a row after KD went off the court with a grade 2 MCL sprain on his knee, which probably doesn’t seem like too bad of a situation when looking at most teams in the NBA, I mean, it happens regularly. But Golden State haven’t lost two consecutive games since APRIL 2015, 23 months ago. And of course, the Warriors only acquired Durant at the start of the season, so we know they can handle themselves, but since KD’s injury, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson had two consecutive awful games, with Curry even going 0-11 from behind the arc against the Wizards, the worst shooting record of the sharpshooter’s career. Granted, it’s only been 3 games since Durant got injured, and they did win last night, but with the two best shooters in the league, and the leading vote getter for Defensive Player of the Year in Draymond Green, you’d imagine that the Warriors would be able to handle the Bulls, the Wizards loss is understandable to some extent considering their recent form, but losing to a weak Bulls squad is unacceptable for a team like Golden State. And while they did get the W last night against the Knicks, they did struggle to perform against them, with the score being close for the majority of the game. Putting this into perspective, the Knicks are 12th in the Eastern Conference, 24 games behind the Warriors, who recently set the NBA record for clinching the fastest playoff berth, beating the record from last season, which they also set. There was clearly a chemistry issue with the Warriors and their newly acquired superstar at the start of the season, but was quickly dismantled since the beginning of the new year, and it was looking like the Warriors were up for a big season ending run, losing only two games in 15 before Durant’s injury. This is what happens when you sell your entire bench, a bench which was vital in their victory over Cleveland in the 2015 Finals, for one superstar – if something happens to that superstar, you’ve got nobody to replace him. That’s why they made the trade for Matt Barnes, to replace KD. If you ask me, the Warriors are likely to be sent home in the first round of the playoffs if KD doesn’t come back soon, and with a 4 week + expected injury time, it seems like that could be a possibility.

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NBA Discussion; The Shaqtin’ MVP gets Heated with Shaq – 25th Feb

Must of you have probably heard of NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal, and the majority have more than likely seen a segment of the former Lakers and Heat big man’s “Shaqtin’ A Fool,’ a short series of clips on NBA on TNT’s breakdowns which highlights the league’s bloopers and mistakes, centring around NBA players who have made the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Shaq has featured Golden State Warriors’ centre JaVale McGee on his show on a more than regular basis, earning McGee the “Shaqtin’ MVP” on several occasions. JaVale has done a lot of things to deserve to be on Shaq’s ‘lowlight’ reel, but the Warriors’ big man has finally had enough of the humiliation, and hit out at the strongest player in NBA history with a series of tweets, forcing Shaq to retaliate with tweets of his own. Here’s the tweets:

First of all, I understand that McGee’s upset over being displayed on Shaqtin’ on so many occasions and basically have a fool made of himself regularly, but it was stupid to take it to the media at all. Shaq has such a huge fanbase as one of the greatest big men of all time, so McGee would have got absolutely laced by fans even if Shaq hadn’t reacted to JaVale’s tweets, so taking it to the media was the worst decision he could have made. Now, Shaq was way out of line with the threats to McGee, and stating that he would “smack the s**t” out of him could have been left out of the drama, but the 4x NBA Champion is correct in saying that McGee will only be remembered for Shaqtin’, as harsh as it is to say. JaVale is athletic for a man his size, but his ability ends there. He can’t shoot, much like Shaq, he’s not extremely strong when compared to the other centres in the league, and he’s not a fantastic paint protector. If not for his appearances on Shaqtin’ A Fool, and now the drama with the show’s host, McGee wouldn’t be remembered for anything other than being a non-significant part of the Warriors roster. But I agree that Shaq was way out of line, there’s no need to threaten a player just trying to make a career out of the game. McGee’s also at fault though; Shaq’s show is just a little comedy segment trying to make the fans of the NBA laugh, which they do, and the fact that he’s regularly a part of the show is only his fault for making so many ridiculous plays, plays that a professional baller shouldn’t be making consistently. Now the threats to Shaq, obviously Shaq was in the wrong for threatening McGee, I mean that’s just uncool, but McGee shouldn’t have retaliated with threats of equal calibre. Like JaVale, have you seen Shaq? He’s a monster, and just because he’s older doesn’t mean he wouldn’t put you on the floor, so best not to act big against the strongest player the game of basketball has ever seen. It’s a lose-lose for both big men in this case, and it’s probably best for everyone to just delete the tweets and forget this little feud ever happened.

McGee’s teammate Kevin Durant made an attempt to defend his supporting big man in a quote which hammers former Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal, trashing his lack of skill and ability other than his enormous size:

Shaq was a shitty free throw shooter, he missed dunks, he airballed free throws, he couldn’t shoot outside the paint. He was bigger than everyone, and didn’t have no skill, bigger and stronger than everyone. Still a great player, but you had your flaws as a player and you played on five or six teams, too. So it’s not like he’s just some perfect centre. You had your flaws, too.

I have no problem with KD criticising a former player, because Durant will be one of the greatest shooters of all time, so it’s okay for a great to criticise a great. But KD should’ve just stayed out of the drama, I mean JaVale isn’t exactly an outstanding player, and you certainly wouldn’t want to be on the bad side of an NBA legend who has a massive online presence, especially when you’re already getting so much hate for betraying Russell Westbrook in the off-season. Although he made some good points, saying Shaq had “no skill” is definitely wrong, the Hall of Famer had a pretty sweet post game, so he’s in the wrong for saying that. Shaq did respond to KD on Twitter, but his tweets were again aimed at trashing McGee:


Let me know what you think of this little sequence of drama between two NBA big men, past and present, below. Are you leaning towards Shaq’s side, or was he way out of line? Follow my blog for more NBA Discussions, and check out my Twitter for updates on the blog and just general shite posting. Enjoy your day!


NBA Discussion; The Kings are World Beaters – 6th Feb 2017

The Kings were defending home-court against the Golden State Warriors in Sacramento two nights ago, and surprisingly beat them out in an OT nail biter. DeMarcus Cousins led the Kings with a near-triple-double, missing out by one assist in a 32 point performance to beat out the Warriors, led by Stephen Curry’s 35 points and 9 assists. An almost non-existent Kevin Durant, with a mediocre 10 points on 20% shooting, allowed Boogie to bully the offensive-minded Golden State roster in the paint, following the formula created by the Grizzlies to beat the NBA’s super team. Although he put up 35 in the loss, Steph could be the blame for humiliating defeat against the 11th seed Kings, missing an open lay-up in regulation time to win the game, sending the game to overtime, where both Curry and Durant disappeared with no more than 5 points between them, and another missed lay-up by Curry to seal the game. Kings took the game by 3, against all odds.

This isn’t the first time the Kings have taken down a top tier team, though. In fact, Sacramento have created a habit out of beating high seeded teams in the league, the Cavaliers and Rockets included. They’ve also beaten the Toronto Raptors, who are rising up the ranks to becoming a top tier squad, and have now added a victory over the Warriors to their accolades, despite playing less than .400 basketball for the season.25% of the Kings’ victories this season have been over top seeded teams, such as the Warriors and Cavs. Not bad for a team who don’t even have a playoff seed, and are not close to getting there.

Let’s have a look at the stars on the Kings roster:

  • DeMarcus Cousins

That’s it. Boogie is the only player who would make a fans fantasy team, and is carrying the team on his incredibly large shoulders. Rudy Gay could have been an All-Star had he not been in decline since coming into the league. Boogie’s averaging 28 PPG, as well as nearly 11 assists, and what he lacks in a polite mannerism, he makes up for in his game, and sheer ability to bully every player who is unfortunate enough to match up against the big fella. All the Kings have to do is give the ball to Boogie and let him go to work inside, and if the paint is clogged, he can step out and show off his long-range ability. There’s no way to lockdown Cousins, unless you’re a seven-foot form of LeBron James. It’s such a pity that his talents are wasted on a team that can’t even make the playoffs, despite having the ability to beat the strongest teams in the league. Boogie and his attitude certainly deserve better.

If the Kings were to trade for a secondary scorer, perhaps Carmelo Anthony, considering he’s looking to leave the struggling Knicks squad, Sacramento could be a threat in the playoffs. But would a trade for Melo, in exchange for possibly Gay and Ty Lawson, to replace Melo and back up Derrick Rose respectively at that point guard position, be worth it? Or are the Knicks losing out on a trade like this? Lawson is averaging just under 9 points and 5 assists per game, despite coming off the bench for Collison, and a starting Rudy Gay is averaging 19 PPG and 6RPG. Melo is averaging 23 PPG and 6 RPG, but is likely to leave the Knicks squad anyway, whether the trade works in favour of New York or not. So, I believe, this trade could prove to be beneficial for both squads, with New York picking up a young scorer in Gay and an experienced veteran in Ty Lawson, while the Kings get an experienced scorer in Carmelo, who would feel familiar in playing with a scoring big man, as he already is with Kristaps Porzingis. Just some speculation, but a possible trade which could prove to be successful for both rosters, who have nothing to lose anyone, as both are faced with the 11th seed in their respective conferences.

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NBA Discussion; 2016-2017 Title Contenders – 2nd Feb 2017

We’re more than halfway through the 2016-2017 NBA season, and teams are starting to show their endurance, in the Warriors case, or lack of endurance, in the Cavs case, and we’re being shown who is willing to contend for the NBA title come June. There’s been many surprises this year in terms of teams who could potentially make it far in the Playoffs; teams like the Celtics and the Jazz instantly come to mind. But which teams could bring the chip home, and what’s it going to take for the smaller teams to go places at the end of the season?

Golden State Warriors

I was unwilling to believe the Warriors were almost guaranteed to win the title this year, or at least make it to the Finals. But I think it’s about time I put my pride aside and admit that they are perhaps the greatest team of all time, certainly in terms of talent and superstar ability, and it’s very likely that they’ll sweep the entire playoffs, not just one series. The NBA’s super team are 42-7 this year, which is slightly worse than their record-breaking season last year, but that’s understandable considering teams are building their rosters around beating Golden State this season. The Warriors are creating a habit out of beating other teams solely on offense in order to combat their lack of defence in the paint after the trade away of Andrew Bogut. Looking at Warriors star PG Steph Curry’s recent stretch of games; he’s been putting up big numbers, with the most recent being a 39 point performance last night against the Hornets. What’s scarier though, is that he’s putting up these huge games in 3 quarters of play, allowing the Warriors’ bench players to play in the 4th as they blow out every team in the league. There’s no doubt in any fan’s mind, even fans of other teams such as myself, that the Warriors are title contenders, and as long as they can continue to outscore teams in dominant offensive play, they could bring the title back to Cali come June.

Cleveland Cavaliers

The reigning champions of the NBA were guaranteed to make the finals again this year, and were highly bet on to keep the title in Cleveland as the playoffs came to a close. But the Cavs have gotten off to a rough start in 2017, losing 8-15 in January.  Continued complaints from LeBron on how the Cavs “need a fucking playmaker” have caused some distress from fans of ‘The Land,’ and the frequent losses in poor performances have definitely lowered the morale of the roster, which certainly isn’t helping their record. The current title holders are 33-15 in the regular season, which arguably isn’t a bad record; but for a team hoping to hold onto the title in a battle with the superstar squad in Golden State, they’re going to have to improve this month if they hope to put up a fight against the Warriors come June. It’s very likely that the Cavs will make it to the Finals again this year, but they need to start making smarter decisions in game-clinching moments if they wish to keep the chip in The Land. The reigning champs, led by NBA superstar LeBron James, definitely have the talent at their disposal to keep hold of the title, but can they overcome the pressure of possibly going back-to-back? And can they find a way to take down the Golden State Warriors.

San Antonio Spurs

Kawhi Leonard, sorry, the Spurs, have surprised a lot of NBA fans this year by putting up a solid performance in the regular season, despite the retirement of franchise player Tim Duncan. Led by the best defender in the league in Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio have put up a 37-11 performance this season, giving them the 2nd seed in the West, and 2nd best position in the NBA’s power ranking. It’s been a long time since the Spurs have had a bad season, and this season is no exception, with star player Kawhi putting up huge numbers recently; scoring over 35 in 5 of their last 10 games. While they don’t have the presence in the paint, at least in terms of size, the Spurs make up for it with sheer athleticism and superb ball movement which allows them to put up big numbers in their games, while also playing some of the best defence in the league. Like all other teams though, they could struggle to win against the Warriors come June, but they are certainly contenders for the title, and are almost guaranteed to make it the conference finals.

Houston Rockets

It’s been a long time coming for a Rockets fan like myself, but we can finally say that Houston are a threat to win the title, and if not, they are definitely in the conversation. Led by leading MVP candidate James Harden, Houston are boasting an impressive 36-16 record, giving them the 3rd seed spot in a tough Western conference. While it was a questionable decision in putting Harden at the point guard role, there’s no doubt that it was the right call by the Rockets, as he’s putting up huge numbers in not only points (28.5), but assists also (11.5). They’re 1-1 against Golden State, which is an impressive stat in itself, but are holding strong in the West, despite only having one star. While they’re not the first team that would come to mind when thinking about title contenders, even if you are a Rockets fan, there’s no doubt in my mind that Houston could bring the title home, as long as The Beard continues to have an MVP season like he has so far. Houston could paint the title red yet.

Toronto Raptors

The Raptors have possession of one of the deadliest duos in recent history in Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan, and are holding onto a strong record in the East with a 30-20 stretch of strong performances. Toronto have a strong presence in the paint with prolific shot blocker and elite defender Jonas Valanciunas, as well as athletic finishers in DeMar DeRozan and Norman Powell. They have the ability to wear teams down with their strong defence and ability to go on crazy runs in tight games. Kyle Lowry has become a deadeye shooter in recent years, despite his underrated stature in the NBA, and has a strong connection with offensive superstar DeRozan, who can drive inside and kick out to Lowry if faced with too much defensive pressure. Not many people would say the Raptors have the ability to bring the title home, but I warn NBA teams to stay aware of Toronto, because they can put up big performances if you sleep on them. Watch out for these guys, they could be champions yet, even making it to the conference finals would be a big achievement for this roster. But they have the talent to win the title, let’s just hope the Raptors don’t choke, because they are an exciting team to watch, no doubt.

The Boston Celtics and Oklahoma City Thunder are arguably in the conversation for title contenders, but I would believe that it’s highly unlikely due to their lack of depth on the bench, and lack of scorers other than their respective stars in Isaiah Thomas and triple-double monster Russel Westbrook. They could create some surprises come June, but the odds are certainly not in the favours of these team carriers. A possible sleeper team could be the Washington Wizards, led by John Wall and Bradley Beal, who are putting up a great stretch of games of recent. Watch out for Washington, they could surprise people this season.

Well there’s my thoughts on the 2016-2017 season title contenders. Let me know who you think could bring the chip home below, and follow my blog for more NBA posts. Check out my Twitter to keep up to date with blog posts and my general shite talking. Enjoy your day!


NBA Discussion; A Night For Big Games – 29th Jan 2017

Last night, 28th January, saw a crazy night for big games, with five players in a seven game night boasting over 30 points. In a night filled with close games, buzzer-beaters, and huge games from star players, it was the first night this week that wasn’t drowned out by league drama; yes D Wade, Jimmy Buckets and Melo, I’m talking about you guys. It was a genuinely enjoyable night of basketball, I mean, my Rockets weren’t even playing last night but I still watched 3 games last night; Celtics and Bucks, Warriors and Clippers, and Kings and Hornets. I did my research though, and watched the rest of the big night games this morning, so I know what’s going on. So, let’s get into it.

Celtics vs. Bucks

Isaiah Thomas had a huge night in Milwaukee, showing the league and its fans that he should have been an All-Star Starter in the East. He boasted a huge 37 points in an overtime nail-biter, and threw in 8 assists too, including 2 highlight lobs, and was having his way; it didn’t  matter where he went; getting easy baskets inside, or stepping out to knock down 18 points from behind the line. IT also went 9-9 from the foul line. The Celtics were just able to hold onto the lead in overtime, winning the game by 4 points, after being up by 14 in the 3rd quarter, but a comeback led by Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jabari Parker saw the Bucks tie the game in the final seconds of the 4th quarter. In fact, the Bucks could have won the game in regulation time, after Greg Monroe stole the ball in the final seconds, only for it to be thrown out of bounds by Jabari, allowing the Celtics to take the game in OT. IT shot 6-11 from behind the line, and showed us that he’s prepared to put on a show come All-Star weekend. Eastern Starter Antetoumnpo put up a decent 21 points as the Bucks lose this one to the Celtics.

Kings vs. Hornets

Another close game from last night saw DeMarcus Cousins take off for 35 points in a nail-biter played in Charlotte, against Kemba Walker and the Hornets. Boogie was having his way inside, picking up 18 huge rebounds in the progress. I genuinely feel sympathy for players that have to matchup against this guy, because, judging from last night’s game, he’s unstoppable when he gets into the paint. Many times you would see the Hornets players just step out of the way when he has a full head of steam, rather than sending him to the foul line. He also showed off his new-found range last night, shooting 2-2 from behind the arc. Not only did Boogie have a huge game last night, he hit clutch free throws to win the game for the Kings, who took this one by 3. Kemba Walker had 26 points for the Hornets, showing why he deserves that spot on the All-Star team, despite his teams loss in this one.

Nets vs. Timberwolves

Karl Anthony-Towns showed the league that he was snubbed out of an All-Star spot, boasting a dominant 37 points, including 6 points from long range, proving that his ROTY award from last season still stands as he continues to lead the young Wolves squad. Towns was clearly feeling his jumpshot last night, hitting most of his points from the close/ mid-range area, and held 13 rebounds, 4 of which were offensive boards which led to 8 second chance points for the Rising Stars poster boy. He led the Wolves to a blowout win over the Brooklyn Nets, who were led by a 25 point performance by Brook Lopez ( he didn’t get put on a poster last night, don’t worry ). Despite the hard fighting from the Nets, the Wolves take this game easily, led by their young 3 of Towns, Wiggins and LaVine, who all scored over 20 points.

Nuggets vs. Suns

Eric Bledsoe had a huge night last night, putting up 41 points in the only game that saw a big night and a loss for the Suns, who failed to make a comeback against a Nuggets squad, led by Danilo Gallinari and his big 32 points. Bledsoe sought to tale over last nights game, racking up 8 assists and 6 rebounds for the little guy; but his poor shooting from the field (12-27) and the 3 (3-8) wasn’t good enough for the Suns in this one. Watching the game, you wouldn’t have noticed Bledsoe’s 41, a career high for the Kentucky Wildcat, as some might say he even had a ‘subtle’ night, despite putting up huge numbers. Whether it was subtle or dominant, it wasn’t enough for the Suns as they fail to get a W in this one.

Warriors vs. Clippers

The Golden State Warriors, no let me rephrase that; Stephen Curry man-handled the LA Clippers at Oracle Arena last night. The Clippers clearly struggled without star PG Chris Paul, as they failed to stop Steph Curry as he put up a monstrous 43 point game, shooting 9-15 from behind the arc. And these weren’t open 3’s either, no, these were Steph 3’s; 35 foot treys over the hands of the opposition, and a half court buzzer-beater which was scored in true Curry fashion. He was unstoppable last night, getting several and-1’s and generally just Steph being Steph. Now I don’t know why he’s allowing KD to lead the Warriors, considering he has the ability to do this on a nightly basis, but I do know that if Curry continues to put up numbers like this, the Warriors will dominate the league. They blew out the Clippers by 46 last night, 46 fucking points. That’s just ridiculous. The Clippers are considered a title competitor in the NBA, but they’ve shown that they really struggle without Chris Paul leading the way; so for they’re sake, let’s hope Paul isn’t out for much longer. Warriors take this game easily.

It was a great night for NBA fans last night, especially if you’re a Warriors fan ( not the bandwagoners, they don’t count ). I figured I had to cover that huge night in the league, I just couldn’t let the likes of IT and Bledsoe be left out of the limelight, as it’s almost a guarantee they’ll only be a shadow against Curry’s huge performance. Follow my blog for more NBA posts, and let me know what you thought of last night’s big night below. Check out my Twitter so you can keep up with my daily shite-talking. Enjoy your day.